Volunteering is time willingly given to help others.


This might happen informally – such as babysitting for a family member or helping a neighbor with their garden – or formally as part of a community group or not-for-profit organization.


Volunteering can involve a regular rostered time commitment, occasional weekends for special events, or emergency response call outs.


Volunteering has many benefits. It gives people self-confidence and satisfaction, social contact, the ability to use previously established skills or develop new ones, a chance to pursue passions, and a possible start to paid employment.


The connections you make while volunteering helps you to build healthy relationships, and can lead to the development of a solid support base of people who value you and your contribution.

Volunteering provides the chance for you to learn new things, while also sharing the skills that you bring with you. All this can lead to improved self-esteem and confidence, as well as a greater sense of achievement and purpose.


If you've been thinking about getting in to volunteering, here's some things to consider: 


EVRC is constantly updating the volunteer positions available in the Esperance area.  

Our system links in, in real time, with the Volunteering Australia, Volunteering WA, and GO Volunteer websites.  


There are as many roles as there are types of volunteers to fill them – and we’re sure we can find the perfect fit for you!


If you would like to learn more, please do one of the following:

Come to a free session on volunteering!

Phone ahead on 9083 1540 to book your place.

Download and fill out a volunteer application form.

Then you can email it to us, or drop it in at the Library!

Send us an email!

Questions? Queries? Qualms?

We'll help as best we can.